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Get information on health insurance policies, health insurance companies and best medical Insurance policies.

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Health Insurance

How to Choose the Best Life Insurance Plan

Some really useful tips to help you understand the nuances involved in choosing the best insurance policy.

Mediclaim Policies: Important Features to Look Out For

It is important to understand a few important things before buying a mediclaim policy.

How Much Health Insurance Cover Do You Need?

While planning various investments and insurance cover, it is imperative for you to look into the health cover requirements for yourself and your family.

How to Choose the Best Health Insurance Plan in India?

Know all about how to get the best health insurance cover for yourself and your family.

Step by Step Guide to Buying Life Insurance in India

Things to know before planning to buy life insurance cover in India.

Types of Health Insurance Cover in India

Before buying a health insurance policy, it is prudent to know various types of insurance cover being offered by insurance companies in India.

Health Insurance Portability in India - Things to Know

It is important to know the various advantages &disadvantages before opting for Health Insurance Portability.

Why Do You Need Insurance?

Find why we all need insurance for a secured life.

Single or Regular Premium, Which is Better?

The content explains the condition of a working person and points out few areas to discuss benefits of single and regular premium policies. An illustration of an endowment policy for both single and regular premium is provided to give an idea.

Bancassurance in India

The following article explains what bancassurance is, the need for bancassurance and regulations of bancassurance. The benefits and demerits of bancassurance are also listed in the content.

Medical Insurance in India

This article provides important information on different types of medical insurance in India. It also states the benefits and providers of medical insurance.

Insurance Policies in India

This article provides key information on types of insurance policies. It also lists out few tips for buying insurance policies in India.

Critical Illness Policy

This article is about critical illness policy. The write up speaks about features and benefits of the policy. Documents required for purchasing the policy and policy providers are listed herein.

How to Buy Health Insurance in India

Read more to know all about health insurance policies, the criteria for choosing the policies and the policy providers in India.

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