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This section contains information on taxation system, structure, rules and laws in India.

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Professional Tax in India

know all about tax slabs, rates, rules, exemptions and penalties related to professional tax in India.

Saving Tax through Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)

Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) gives a number of benefits to its members; they can also save taxes through HUF.

Income Tax on House Property

It is important to understand the different ways by which the income generated through properties fall under the income tax in India.

Wealth Tax in India

Wealth Tax is an important constituent of direct tax in India. Find here the wealth tax rate, exemptions and need of reforms.

Property Tax in India

Know all about property tax in India and how is it calculated.

Entertainment Tax in India

Entertainment tax in India is collected by the state government. Find about the rate and how it is implemented.

Tips for NRIs Filing Income Tax Returns in India

Quick and handy tips for NRIs looking to file income tar returns in India.

Tax Benefits of Charity

While charity gives you self-satisfaction, it also comes with tax benefits as income tax rules in India allow for tax deductions under donations.

How to Check Your Income Tax Refund Online?

It is now easy to check the status of your income tax refund online. Find how?

Benefits of Filing Income Tax Returns Online

Filing income tax returns online saves you from a number of hassles. It is easy and quick.

How are Perquisites Taxed ?

The content here focuses perquisites and fringe benefits. The valuation of different types of perquisites and FBT are discussed below.

Advance Tax

This article elaborates on advance tax payment, the important rates and dates associated with advance tax and the importance of advance tax.

5 Easy Ways to Save Tax

The easiest ways to save tax are listed in the content. The list contains various useful areas of tax deductions like investment, health care etc. and it speaks about how the deduction can be availed in these areas.

How is Tax Calculated on Salary?

The article elucidates the various aspects of salary income, including the tax calculation and the deductions allowed on salary income.

What Direct Tax Code has for You?

The content here attempts to inform people about Direct Tax Code after providing an overview. The article also emphasizes on various exemptions and highlights of the new proposed Direct Tax Code.

    My employer had invested in Fortis FTPS9 3YLY Plan A- Reg Growth (GR) on 20/09/2007
    This matured on 21/09/2010
    I want to know the tax implication of the same.
    22-Jan-2013 04:08 PM