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AxisRemit - the online money transfer service to India by Axis Bank is easy and safe.

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Axis Bank Online Money Transfer to India

The world has shrunk for all purposes and travel and money transfers are no exception to it. No distance is far in today’s global world and transferring money to your account elsewhere has become both safe and convenient. Not only has modern day technology enabled mankind to make such transfers, it has also revolutionised banking to an extent where we do not have to visit individual branches to transfer money, but it has also allowed us the comfort of doing so from our couch and at our will!

Axis bank, one of India’s leading banks, offers a very easy way to transfer money to India online – we will discuss the features and benefits of this service in this article.

Online Transfer
The online money transfer program of Axis Bank is known as AxisRemit. This is a facility offered by Axis Bank that enables NRIs from 14 different countries to transfer money to India. The countries include USA, UK, Canada and Hong Kong.

Money Transfer Process
To avail this facility the customer of this bank has to fill up a registration form and create a user ID. The details to be filled include name, age, gender, date of birth, address, login ID, etc. After doing this the customer has to click on the send money now tab and add a beneficiary account and fill the relevant details. Now, select the country from the drop down list and then select the mode of transfer and then fill in the transaction amount and the local bank account details and other details as relevant such as the social security number. Once you confirm the transaction you will receive a transaction reference number and details of the corresponding bank. Once you complete this procedure, log on to your net banking facility of your local bank and transfer money to the corresponding bank and then enter the transaction reference number in the description field of the net banking. Enter your Internet Banking transaction number on the AxisRemit site and submit the details.

For transfer of money from USA the ACH transfer method can be adopted. ACH Transfer is an online method of transferring money from USA. In this method the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network in USA is made use of in order to debit to your account. To transfer money using this method you have to click on the ‘Add new bank account’ tab after logging in to your account. Then you have to fill in the details of your local account. Then click on ‘Confirm’ to submit the details.

When you visit the axis bank website, there is an option to view a demo of the whole procedure. It is self-explanatory and easy to follow.

Transaction Charges
While Axis Bank itself does not levy any charges,service tax as mandated by Government of India, is applicable. For the exact detail on the charges please visit Fees and Charges for Online Transfer.

Benefits of AxisRemit:
This facility can be used by NRIs who want to send money to India. This is a rather hassle-free procedure and the website is quite user-friendly and the demo link helps the customers in understanding the process easily.

Since Axis Bank is one of the leading banks in the private sector banking category, it is reliable and safe to use this method to send money from a different country to India.

This mode of money transfer is fast and can be done from the comforts of your home. Since the money moves within the banking system itself transactions are closely monitored.

This is almost the fastest way to transfer money across countries. Axis bank claims that the beneficiary will receive money in 2-3 working days from the time you initiate a fund transfer from your bank. Upon receiving the money in their account they will transfer it to the beneficiary account within a single day.

Data relating to both your account and the transaction is stored on servers that are protected by firewalls which are tested rigorously.

The money that can be sent using Online Transfer per transfers is as-