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Here are all the facts related to bank deposits, their advantages and the tax implications of bank deposits that you need to know before investing.

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Bank Deposits

Non Resident External (NRE) Rupee Account

The write up contains information related to Non Resident External Rupee account that is available for NRI. Basics, Features and advantages of NRE account are briefed in this write up.

Fixed Deposit Schemes for Non Resident Indians (NRI) in India

This article briefly outlines the features of Non Resident Indian (NRI) fixed deposit schemes in India. The NRI fixed deposit scheme providers are also listed in the article.

Foreign Currency Non Resident (FCNR) Account

The write-up defines Foreign Currency Non Resident (Bank) account with basic features of the account. Documents required to open a FCNR (B) account are also mentioned here.

What is HUF Account?

This article provides detailed information on the account opening procedure of HUF (Hindu Undivided Family) account. Read on to know more about the features and tax benefits of HUF account.

Fixed Deposits in India

This article provides detailed information on fixed deposits in India. Information on tax benefits and interest rates is also summarized. Read on to know more.

Banking for Non Resident Indians in India

The article contains details of Non Resident Indian Banking in India. Regulations of FEMA on deposits and features of NRI banking are briefed in the write up. The content also lists documents required and providers of NRI banking accounts.