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This section contains information on banking procedure in India. It also contains info on retail banking including various types of accounts and other banking processes such as NRI banking rules.

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What is E-Tailing?

The content explains the meaning of E-Tailing by providing a step by step process on how it takes place. The benefits of electronic retailing are also listed in the content.

Bank Account for Children in India

The content provides tips on banking norms and general features of children’s account in India. The eligibility conditions and documents required for a minor’s account are also listed here.

Home Loan Prepayment

The content defines prepayment of home (housing) loan and features important facts relating to prepayment. The benefits of prepayment are also listed in the article.

What is Gift Voucher/Gift Certificate &How Does it Work?

This article describes what gift vouchers are. It also explains about gift cards and other gift certificates. An overview of gift certificates in India is provided and their benefits are also mentioned.

Mobile Banking in India- Benefits and Safety Issues

This article provides information on Mobile Banking, the application procedure and the modes of operation. It also discusses the safety issues and benefits of mobile banking.

Bank Locker in India

Content takes us through the Safe deposit vault systems in India and rules of RBI on these systems. The features of bank locker systems, charges, rules, advantages and recent developments in the facility are mentioned in the content.

How Can NRIs Apply for PAN Card in India

This article gives a brief on how NRIs can apply for PAN card in India and the limitations of the beneficiary account in the absence of PAN.

3D Secure Service in India

The content tells what 3D secure is and explains the working process of 3D secure. The banks that provide this technology and its current status in India are all part of the article.

Demat Account for NRIs in India

The following write up contains information related to demat account for Non Resident Indians in India. Features, benefits and application procedure for NRI demat account are briefed in the write up.

What is Reverse Mortgage?

Know all about the concept of reverse mortgage loan, its features, advantages and disadvantages.

What is a Savings Account

A useful resource to know all about Savings Account, how to open a savings account and all documents required for the same.

What is KYC (Know Your Customer)

Following content explains what KYC means. Importance of Know Your Customer, applicable areas and details on application procedure are all briefed in the content.

Non Resident External (NRE) Rupee Account

The write up contains information related to Non Resident External Rupee account that is available for NRI. Basics, Features and advantages of NRE account are briefed in this write up.

Microfinance in India

This article gives you information on microfinance in India, the growth and transformation and lists the top Microfinance companies in India.

What is E-Commerce?

This article provides detailed information on Different types of E-commerce available and the benefits of it. Read on to know more on this and also about top E-commerce portals.

What is Gold Loan

This article contains information on Gold loan, the interest rates and the service providers for this type of loan in India.

Fixed Deposit Schemes for Non Resident Indians (NRI) in India

This article briefly outlines the features of Non Resident Indian (NRI) fixed deposit schemes in India. The NRI fixed deposit scheme providers are also listed in the article.

Foreign Currency Non Resident (FCNR) Account

The write-up defines Foreign Currency Non Resident (Bank) account with basic features of the account. Documents required to open a FCNR (B) account are also mentioned here.

What is HUF Account?

This article provides detailed information on the account opening procedure of HUF (Hindu Undivided Family) account. Read on to know more about the features and tax benefits of HUF account.

Internet Banking in India

The article defines internet banking and lists the functions of the same. The security aspects, operations and threats of internet banking are all briefed in the article.

Consumer Durable Loans

This article briefs on the interest rates and loan providers for consumer durable loans. Read on to know more about how to apply for consumer durable loans.

Fixed Deposits in India

This article provides detailed information on fixed deposits in India. Information on tax benefits and interest rates is also summarized. Read on to know more.

Home Loans for NRIs

Browse through the article to know the information on terms and conditions applicable for NRIs for home purchase loans. It also briefs on required documents and loan providers.

Home Purchase Loans

This article highlights on the application procedure of the home purchase loans. It also provides ample amount of information on loan providers and tax implications for home purchase loans.

Banking for Non Resident Indians in India

The article contains details of Non Resident Indian Banking in India. Regulations of FEMA on deposits and features of NRI banking are briefed in the write up. The content also lists documents required and providers of NRI banking accounts.

    I dont see a sign in page in your website for international banking. Where do I sign in?
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  • Kishin shahani:
    Are fixed deposits in Banks exempted from wealth tax?
    20-Feb-2015 07:10 PM