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There are a number of important things that you should know about travel insurance claim.

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Things to Remember While Claiming Your Travel Insurance

You cannot predict future and the occurrence of uncertainties. While you are off for a long relaxing holiday, things may turn out to be bitter. It is then that travel insurance comes into play. It is an attempt to reduce travel related risks and make your trip a memorable one. Travel Insurance is an insurance cover that decreases the cost and covers up the risk of any unforeseen unpleasant event that may occur while you are on a tour be it domestic or international. Primarily two kinds of expenses are covered in travel insurance namely Trip Cancellations and Medical Expenses. However, some insurance companies may also offer policies that include compensating for damages caused to vehicles and equipments taken on rent etc.
Types of Claims – The travel insurance companies provide you with following claims. Different travel insurance companies provide different combinations of the following claims. You may choose the one that fits you best. 
  1. Personal Accident – If you have suffered any accident that has proved fatal or dismemberment of the insured you are bound to receive a compensation for the same. 
  1. Medical Expenses – you will be compensated by the insurance company if you have incurred any expenses due to accident or sickness while you were traveling. 
  1. Sickness Dental Relief – Any expense that has been caused due to sudden dental problem while you have been traveling would be compensated by the travel insurance firm - be it for tooth filing or any other dental surgery. 
  1. Baggage Loss – In most cases if you have lost your baggage due to the mistake of the airline than it is compensated by the airline which usually proves to be an elaborate procedure. However, your travel insurance firm will be able to provide you with cover in the interim period. Meanwhile, you may buy yourself clothes and other essential accessories and keep the receipts of the same. Obviously, you cannot be extravagant with that as everything you buy would not be covered by the firm. 
  1. Flight Delays – If there has been a significant delay in your flight (24 hours or above) you may get an accommodation and meals for yourself and will be compensated for the same. However, the receipts of all of them will be mandatory. You will also need to have the information of delay in writing by your carrier or tour operator.
  2. Baggage Delay – All expenses incurred in purchasing emergency personal things in the event of delay in baggage will be compensated by the travel insurance company. 
  1. Loss of Passport – In the event of losing your passport all the expenses that you incur in obtaining a duplicate or a new passport will be borne by the travel insurance company. 
Claiming Your Travel Insurance – Traveling is always fun especially when the journey is being shared with your loved ones but things may take a u-turn when events like sudden hospitalization, loss of baggage, cancellations, medical emergencies etc crop up spelling utter chaos. That is the time when travel insurance comes handy but you need to be careful while you claim your travel insurance else it may add on to your clutter.
Following are the ways that will help you in claiming your travel insurance successfully – 
  • Before you pack your bags for that awaited holiday, make sure to get travel insurance for the up-coming journey.
  • While you pack your choosiest attires make sure you also keep few copies of your travel insurance policy and place them in separate bags. Keeping separate extra copies of passport and other related documents could prove useful in case of loss of baggage or wallet.
  • Before you go forth with filing your claim give your travel insurance firm a call. Ask them to give you the list of documents they require from you and also confirm any restrictions that are attached to your policy, for example, few polices that reimburse you for medical expenses require that you need to be treated within 24 hours of the accident.
  • In case of theft etc it is important for you to have a police report or some similar evidence to support that the items you are claiming reimbursement for have been stolen or lost.
  • Reading minutely and clearly the policy documents would surely work in your favor. It is important to go through the fine prints of the policy document and seek answers to questions that stand blurred or you find have some hidden meaning.
  • It is important to go by the rules and procedure laid down by the travel company. You need to have all supporting documents as mentioned in the policy documents in order to make your claim for travel insurance a success.
  • You need to have all the bills, hotel folios, invoices, all in writing when you proceed to claim your travel insurance so make sure that you do not discard even a small scrap of paper pertaining to your journey. Have everything in black and white.
  • In case of delays or cancellation of flights it is important for you to have the information in writing from your carrier or the tour operator.
  • There are many claims that go rejected because travelers are not able to quote the cause of delay in writing to the company. so if you have got stuck up and have not been able to write to your travel company make sure you have a proof to go along with it, if in writing, can’t get any better.
  • Once through with this, your travel company will brief you with the procedure of filing the claim. This may be in the form of a mail or by filling an application form etc. 
Generally, processing of claims take place within two to four weeks of filing the claim but in claims where detailed and comprehensive research is required it may take longer or as per the company policies. In ordinary cases acknowledgement is usually received by the travelers within two months but if you have waited longer then make sure you get in touch with your travel company and seek their call.
It is advisable to provide your insurance company with as much information as possible while you claim for your travel insurance. This will enable quick and easy reimbursement. The relevant documents and information that you provide to your travel insurance firm helps in assessing your claim easily and quickly.
Expenses Not Covered Under Travel Insurance – The following expenses are generally not covered by the travel insurance companies. However, few companies may prove to be an exception or may cover few of these with additional interest charges.
  • Expenses by those who are serving in Military or Armed forces in any part of the country - be it in war or in peace.
  • If you have obtained an injury and are traveling without the recommendation of your Physician or are on verge of receiving specified medical treatment.
  • If you have attempted Suicide or have intentionally injured yourself or poses AIDS, HIV virus, mental or nervous disorder, depression or sexually transmitted conditions.
  • If you have gone against the apt prescription of the Physician and are under the influence of alcohol, drugs etc.
  • Any loss occurred due to any act of terrorism.
  • You are not covered if you have suffered any kind of loss due to civil war, revolution, act of foreign enemy etc. 
It is important for you to have a clear view of the travel insurance policy that you are about to buy. You need to clearly go through the policy documents and make sure that you have the right travel insurance in your kitty when you move out for your dream vacation. This will surely make your trip a memorable one.