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Aruna Sharma

Educational background:
Mrs.Aruna Sharma holds a Masters in Financial Management from University of Mumbai. She also has graduated from the University of Mumbai, with a distinction.
Industry Experience:
Aruna has more than a decade long experience of working for Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd (SHCIL), a pioneer in custodial and depository services. The company has grown from providing post- trading activities to its institutional clients to now, providing a one- stop shop for financial solutions to its retail customer base.
Aruna joined the financial sector in the paper based trading regime and has been a part of the transition to the current mode of paperless trading. The rich and enriching experience of working for a growing company has thrown up vistas of knowledge in the financial sector for Aruna.
Areas of Expertise:
During the course of her employment, she has handled various activities from back office processing to front office operations. Her profile includes working in the management capacity in the following departments of financial services and handling work related to stock market operations.
In the Paper based trading format she has handled the following departments:
Work relating to custodial operations (like Delivery Instruction for purchase and sales, shares inwarding and outwarding).
Reconciliation of the holdings of clients like UTI, SBIMF, LIC, etc...
Writing/reviewing detailed documents for process and validation protocols in aspects of post trading activities including objections and corporate actions. 
In the Electronic Form of trading she has acquired experience and proficiency in the entire trading process
Formulating and streamlining various operational and system process for business excellence in DP (Depository Participant) operations. Responsible for converting investors to esteemed depository clients.
She has handled the DP account opening for new clients and account maintenance. 
Interaction with clients and being the focal point of information dissemination between the clients and the top management in client benefits accruing out of corporate actions such as bonus issues, rights, mergers, etc.
Handling queries from the internal department, the internal and external auditors as well as clients and providing the information / records as required by them for their holding related issues.
Liasoning with vendor agencies for accurate and timely processing of data, related to equities, debentures and bonds.
She has also managed the Primary market team and as such is conversant with the procedures of the Primary Market Operations.
Regular follow-ups with clients (including LIC, LICMF, SBIMF and UTI), stock brokers and other corporates for pending billing amounts and ensuring payments. 
From the expertise that she derives out of this experience and from being an avid follower of the stock market, she verifies the content matter of the articles.
These articles will help the reader understand the intricacies of the ever-evolving world of finance. It will help the reader know of the various investment products in the market, to evaluate and invest accordingly.
For any of your queries regarding the article you can get in touch with Mrs. Aruna Sharma. Her email id is:  [email protected]